Amoda Tea Review April 2023

Amoda Tea is a subscription designed to help tea lovers sample a variety of blends from niche brands across North America. Each box comes with four handmade looseleaf teas, a roll of 10 biodegradable tea filters and a subscriber-only discount for 20% off at Amoda Tea. I’m so sorry I didn’t share April’s box sooner (or May’s or June’s! But they’re coming!). All arrived on time, it’s me who’s so late. 🤦‍♀️ Here’s a look at long last.*

*They kindly sent this box for review.

What’s especially great about this one is you can choose which teas you’d like in your box — whether that’s the month’s featured teas, teas from Amoda’s large inventory, or a mix of both. Mine is a surprise mix of April’s six featured teas.

Each box of four teas makes 16 to 18 cups.

Nerfherder (Thesaurus Tea): “This Star Wars inspired blend is full-blooded black and and deep pure tea mixed with coffee for a strong brew this is earthy and toasty with nutty undertones. High caffeine.”

Come to the dark side… This high-caffeine blend is darker than Darth Vader’s heart — at least when you steep it the way I like it. It’s smooth and flavourful and my favourite for April. But I can’t help wondering why they didn’t save it for May. (You know, May the 4th be with you! 😉)

Really Goethe (SerendipiTea): “An award-winning tea inspired by famous writer and scientist Johann Wolfgang von Goethe. Heady floral and citrus aroma. Sharp lemon flavour combine with light jasmine for a poetic blend. Nectar-like sweetness in the finish. Low caffeine.”

A lovely spring tea for the floral and citrus notes. I’ve had it hot but it would be delicious iced too.

Lili’uokalani (SerendipiTea) · “Named after the first queen and last monarch of Hawaii, this black tea is blended with a medley of tropical fruit flavours. Lush mango, vibrant citrus and juicy guava will sweep you away to a beach vacation. Aloha!”

Passiflora (Thesaurus Tea) · “Like a stroll through a fragrant garden, this unique herbal blend promotes tranquility. Smooth and flowery red infusion with a sweet and spice finish from the beet pieces and cardamom pods. Caffeine free.”

My mom poured me my first cup of the Passiflora and I was surprised I liked it as much as I did. The lavender scent is strong and I don’t usually go in for spice but it didn’t take me long to finish the bag. It’s not my favourite for April but I wouldn’t call it a miss either. More of an acquired taste. And the Lili’uokalani is delicious! Mango, citrus and guava — what’s not to like? Great flavours for a spring box (a summer one too).

A fun treat for tea lovers! 😋

Amoda Tea is available in monthly, 3-, 6- and 12-month subscriptions starting at $22/month including shipping across Canada and the US.

Have you tried this one?

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Amoda Tea

With Amoda Tea, indulge yourself and discover a world of small-batch blended and hand-crafted teas made by small tea purveyors from across North America. You can now customize your tea selections each month!

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