Sweet Reads Box Review Limited Edition Fall Thriller Box 2021

No matter what life stage you are at time for yourself seems to get lost in the everyday. Sweet Reads Box is your chance to sit down, relax and enjoy a great read, a decadent sweet and a carefully curated item that ties to your novel. They kindly sent us this box for review.

Other than the Limited Edition Halloween box from Sweet Reads Box, my next favorite would be the Limited Edition Thriller boxes. They released two this year and today we are having a look at the Fall edition.

Subscription Details

Sweet Reads Box has a regular monthly subscription and they also offer a variety of limited edition boxes each season.

What You Get: Each Sweet Reads Box includes the following….

  • Bestselling fiction novel – Your book will be chosen from one of the top bestseller lists.
  • Beautifully crafted items – Carefully selected to be the perfect match that connect to the novel in some way.
  • Artisan drinks – A delicious selection to set the mood and enhance your reading pleasure.
  • Gourmet goodies – A sweet treat to enjoy while reading and relaxing.

Here’s a closer look at the Limited Edition Fall Thriller Box from Sweet Reads Box….

The Apollo Murders by Chris Hadfield

This edge-of-your seat thriller by one of our favorite Canadians will be the book you are recommending to everyone. The Apollo Murders is a Cold War Thriller focusing on the space race. Hadfield’s personal experiences in space and talent for writing make this novel unlike any other you’ve read. 

I might have to do a little more research on this one because at first glance it’s not totally piquing my interest. But that’s not to say I won’t get excited about it. I’m just not a fan of space themed books so I will need to do a little more digging.

Maple Brittle – Sweetsmith

A nod to a Canadian writer, we included this delicious brittle from one of our favorite Canadian companies. Perfect for nibbling on during the most suspenseful scenes. 

Peanut Brittle is one of the treats I don’t indulge in often enough so I was happy to see this in the box. It’s from a Canadian company and the maple flavour sounds amazing.

Maple Hot Chocolate – Walton Wood Farms

Our first choice for a drink in space, this maple hot chocolate will keep you warm and cozy on late-night binge reading sessions.

Walton Wood Farms is a brand we have received a few times before and it’s one I am really coming to love. I especially love their hand cream, I use it at least once a day.

Solar System Socks – Hot Soxx

Brining space to your feet with these cozy space socks. Perfect for dreaming about your own space adventure.

Our Limited Edition boxes usually include a pair of socks and these ones complement the book perfectly. How fun will it be to cozy up in a new pair of space-themed socks while reading our space-themed thriller?!

Custom Sticker Pack

Designed specifically for this box, these are the coolest and most thrilling stickers to adorn your travel mug, laptop, book cart and more!

The cutest little pack of stickers ever! My favorite is the one that says “I need more space”. Not only does it competent the book perfectly but it also speaks to my heart.

Herb & Garlic Hot Dip Mix

Perfect for munching while enjoying this thriller. Also handy to ward off vampires. Ideal for Spooky Season snacking.

Another product from Walton Wood Farms, how fun is this! I much prefer a savoury snack to a sweet snack so I will probably end up munching on this before the peanut brittle.

Author Letter

Custom to Sweet Reads Box, this author letter and signed bookplate make your copy of the Apollo Murders special and unique. 

Coffee Mug

The product card mentioned a constellation journal but I received this mug instead. I’m not 100% sure but maybe there was an issue with shipping so they substituted this mug for the journal? Regardless, I am extremely happy because I love coffee mugs and wish we received them in every box.

Limited Edition Fall Thriller Box – Final Thoughts

I’m going to be totally honest and say that this isn’t necessarily my favourite box from Sweet Reads Box, but that’s only because I’m not really a fan of space-themed items. I still think they did an amazing job curating the Fall Thriller box as it includes all the must-haves – book, snack, beverage, coffee cup, cozy socks. I also did a little research on the book and it gets great reviews. It is classified as science fiction, mystery and historical so if those genres appeal to you then you would be a HUGE fan of the Fall Thriller box from Sweet Reads Box!

-AYOB Sarah

Sweet Reads Box

Sweet Reads Box is your chance to sit down, relax and enjoy a great read, a decadent sweet, delicious beverage and carefully curated items.

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